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Teachers - English (to replenish our resume bank for Fall 2019)


C19-20-RE-02Teachers - English (to replenish our resume bank for Fall 2019)

The college is looking to replenish their resume bank for the Fall 2019 semester.

603-001-RE  Remedial Activities 

This course is directed toward improving fundamental English language skills, both oral and written. It is for those students who need additional practice and review before entering the core English courses. The 603-001-RE course is designed for students who did not finish their high school studies in Quebec. Students will be streamed into the course based on the College's criteria involving final marks from Secondary V English as well as a placement test. Students must pass the course in order to advance to the core English courses.

603-003-50   Preparation for College English 
This course is directed toward improving fundamental English language skills, both oral and written. It is for those students who need additional practice and review before entering the core English courses.

603-101-MQ  Introduction to College English
This course is directed toward improving English language skills by extensive written work based on literary texts. It uses the same textbooks as the Introduction to College English: Literature, but because of the emphasis on writing skills has a reduced list of readings.

603-328-HR  Fiction in Adaptation
Certain stories and characters have endured the test of time because their central themes have such powerful cultural resonance. However, over time these foundation narratives have been adapted to speak to different socio-cultural contexts. This course studies foundation narratives and their adaptations across different historical periods as well as across different forms (for example, prose, theatre, cinema, poetry, and dance). Students will discuss the controversy of adaptation, including the adaptation of high culture works to low, or pop, culture, and vice versa, as well as the debate about adaptation as a creative process. Most importantly, students will explore how adaptations alter an original text to address its themes in new and productive ways.

603-329-HR  Children and Literature
Beginning with folk and fairy tales intended for adults and later adapted for children, as well as traditional songs and poems that were later published, the course will study themes that are central to children's literature. The course will explore influential children's literature from a variety of historical periods, including contemporary works. In so doing, students will trace the evolution of themes expressed in these stories.

603-222-HR  Canadian Classics
This course is a concentrated survey of Canadian literature from the Colonial period to the present. It introduces students to the most important authors through the study of literary genres as they evolve historically in accordance with the development of Canadian literary culture.

603-224-HR  Major Authors in English
This course intensively examines a variety of works in specific genres by a minimum of three and a maximum of six authors, drawn from more than one century. This course enables students to: distinguish genres of literary discourse, recognize literary conventions within a specific genre and explicate a discourse representative of a literary genre.

325 boul. de la Cité-des-Jeunes, Gatineau, Québec, Canada, J8Y6T342,431.00$ - 91,023.00$

Sommaire du poste

De manière générale, la charge d'enseignement du professeur doit inclure: la préparation du curriculum; la préparation et l'enseignement des classes, des laboratoires et des terrains; l'adaptation; le soutien et la supervision des étudiants; la préparation, la surveillance et la correction des examens; la révision des corrections à la demande des étudiants; la participation aux journées pédagogiques organisées par le Cégep; la participation aux réunions départementales et activités requises. Elle peut aussi inclure la coordination départementale; la coordination des programmes des comités; la supervision et le soutien lors d'activités spéciales; la participation dans les activités du programme, la participation dans le développement, l'amélioration et l'évaluation du programme; la participation dans le développement institutionnel.

    Minimum of a Master's degree in English Literature.  Several years of teaching experience at the undergraduate or college level with industrial experience in the relevant field is preferred. Fluency in English, both oral and written is required. A working knowledge of French, oral and reading, would be an asset.
      Ability to:
      • Utilize excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
      • Create a dynamic, challenging, and motivated learning environment.
      • Adapt to a variety of student needs and provide appropriate academic and career development support.
      • Demonstrate knowledge of subject matter through academic or non-academic experiences.
      • Apply theoretical concepts to current workplace needs and skill requirements.
      • Provide assistance and display leadership in the on-going development of the department.
      • Stay abreast of changes and new program requirements through regular professional development activities.
      • Must be flexible as required by the department workloads.
      • Must be willing to work collaboratively within the department team.

      Les candidat(e)s souhaitant postuler doivent soumettre leur curriculum vitae accompagné des documents pertinents EN LIGNE au moyen de notre site web http://www.cegep-heritage.qc.ca/manitou/.

      Au-dessus de l'affichage, cliquez sur "Postuler".  Vous pourrez créer votre compte et télécharger votre CV et votre lettre de présentation. 

      Veuillez noter que seules les demandes en ligne seront prises en considération.

      N.B. : Les candidat(e)s peuvent être tenu(e)s de se soumettre à des tests de sélection.   Seul(e)s les candidat(e)s sélectionné(e)s pour une entrevue seront contacté(e)s.

      Du 2019-07-03 00:00 au 2019-07-31 16:00
      Cégep Heritage College souscrit à l'accès à l'égalité en emploi pour les personnes visées par la loi, et encourage les femmes, les autochtones, les minorités visibles et ethniques ainsi que les personnes handicapées à présenter leur candidature.


As the only English post-secondary educational institution in Western Quebec, Heritage College is committed to the social, cultural and economic advancement of the community. Its first priority is to provide to individuals and groups within that community quality learning opportunities for the achievement of their education, career, and life-long goals.

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